January 31, 2011

Week of January 31

Last week the crews installed the operable windows at the south, east and west elevations. The frames were installed prior to installing the operable portion, but due to the weight of the single window that spans two floors, the crews thought it best to lighten the load and take out the operable part of the unit. The building is now buttoned up and we no longer have to concern ourselves with the weather; a big milestone for the project.

The exterior crew poured the first set of walls for the south entrance and planter area. We look forward to seeing how the walls turned out when the forms are stripped from the concrete this week.

Inside the mechanical crew is finishing up their radiant panel piping and laying out/installing the unistrut support for the panels themselves. The fire sprinkler, electrical and ductwork crews are finishing up their work inside the walls and ceilings; the insulation and drywall crew is right behind them covering up the walls and creating the finished space.

Next week we will start plastering the ceiling in the north reading rooms. We all look forward to seeing the finished product of those two grand rooms.

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