January 9, 2011

Week of January 10

The New Year brought with it many signs of progress to the project. The north windows were delivered during the holiday break and the crews have already installed them at levels 1 and 2. The two reading rooms with the barrel ceilings are taking shape with wall framing installed. The new picture above, taken by the architect, Jamie Watson from SRG Partnership, Inc., was shot looking in to the west reading room. The layout crew has paid particular attention to these rooms due to their intricate details.

Level 1 south, east and west elevation windows were also delivered during the break. The large windows, which span the second and third floors, are scheduled to arrive in late January.

The roof photovoltaic panels were installed last week. They cover the majority of the south roof and will offset some of the energy required to power the building. Photovoltaic panels will also be installed in the south canopy.

Drywall has been installed at level 1 and radiant panel piping rough in has begun. There are three tiered classrooms at level 1, which add to the character of the building.

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