September 24, 2010

Week of September 20

This week the majority of our work happened on the inside of the building. We're finishing up the framing at the clerestory, pop up section near the north entrance and the structural steel contractor installed the i-beams at the ground floor. It was impressive to see them install the beams using two forklifts to hoist the material; it was the safest option due to the size constraints. We loaded the flat roof with material yesterday and we're working over the weekend to dry in that section since we have a break in the weather. The pitched roofs will start getting covered up next week.


  1. Leslie....

    Was that you walking through the building around 7:40 AM on Friday? Yellow hard hat, jeans, blue and white top and camera?

    I would be interested in seeing pictures from the other parts of the building.

    Sorry the rains couldn't have held off another few weeks. That's Oregon for you.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the roof go on so that won't be an issue.

    Thank you for updating the blog.

    Tom Sutro

  2. Hi Tom,

    Yes, there is no hiding from the camera!

    I will take some pictures of the ground floor and the flat roof and post them shortly. There is a lot of interesting activity in both areas and they aren't captured by either camera.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Leslie Louis
    Walsh Construction Co.