August 15, 2010

Week of August 9

What an exciting week! Roof demolition started. The flat roof between the two pitched roofs was demolished and the sunlight brightened the third floor. Work continues at the north end where the new fire line and domestic water service is installed. The electrical service was stubbed in to the south end and the concrete wall was cut out for the new south opening at level one.

Campus Impact Update: a temporary pathway was built at the south east corner of the site where construction encroached in to the sidewalk.


  1. Thank you for the web cams as I like to track the progress of construction.

    On Friday afternoon, September 3rd, I noticed large hoses used when pumping cement. Which area of the building is it being used.

    How is the work going in the other areas of the building?

    Thank you.

    Tom Sutro
    Class of '71

  2. Tom,

    Thank you for the note and your interest. We were pouring footings for level 1 columns today.

    Work is progressing well in the other areas of the building. Our big push right now is getting the roof on before the rainy season starts. We hope to have it completed in October. Keep an eye on the flat part of the roof in the coming weeks. We'll be framing the clerestory, which will provide a dramatically different architectural feature to the building.

    Thanks again for your interest.

    Leslie Louis
    Walsh Construction Co.

  3. Thank you for the update Leslie.