January 31, 2011

Week of January 31

Last week the crews installed the operable windows at the south, east and west elevations. The frames were installed prior to installing the operable portion, but due to the weight of the single window that spans two floors, the crews thought it best to lighten the load and take out the operable part of the unit. The building is now buttoned up and we no longer have to concern ourselves with the weather; a big milestone for the project.

The exterior crew poured the first set of walls for the south entrance and planter area. We look forward to seeing how the walls turned out when the forms are stripped from the concrete this week.

Inside the mechanical crew is finishing up their radiant panel piping and laying out/installing the unistrut support for the panels themselves. The fire sprinkler, electrical and ductwork crews are finishing up their work inside the walls and ceilings; the insulation and drywall crew is right behind them covering up the walls and creating the finished space.

Next week we will start plastering the ceiling in the north reading rooms. We all look forward to seeing the finished product of those two grand rooms.

January 9, 2011

Week of January 10

The New Year brought with it many signs of progress to the project. The north windows were delivered during the holiday break and the crews have already installed them at levels 1 and 2. The two reading rooms with the barrel ceilings are taking shape with wall framing installed. The new picture above, taken by the architect, Jamie Watson from SRG Partnership, Inc., was shot looking in to the west reading room. The layout crew has paid particular attention to these rooms due to their intricate details.

Level 1 south, east and west elevation windows were also delivered during the break. The large windows, which span the second and third floors, are scheduled to arrive in late January.

The roof photovoltaic panels were installed last week. They cover the majority of the south roof and will offset some of the energy required to power the building. Photovoltaic panels will also be installed in the south canopy.

Drywall has been installed at level 1 and radiant panel piping rough in has begun. There are three tiered classrooms at level 1, which add to the character of the building.

December 12, 2010

Week of December 13

This week we're finishing the drywall at level 1 and installing the structure for the radiant metal panel ceiling supports in the classrooms. We're continuing to install ductwork, fire sprinkler and radiant panel piping in the attic space. Level 3 ceiling framing starts this week; there will be a lot of bodies upstairs between the mechanical rough in and the framing contractor.

Outside we're continuing to set forms for the south stair concrete. On the roof the sheet metal contractor is finishing up the parapet cap metal and getting ready to install the wall panels.

Looking ahead, the north wood windows and the south, east and west fiberglass windows are scheduled to arrive late December to early January. We look forward to getting them on site and buttoning up the outside of the building.

December 9, 2010

Week of December 6

This week level 1 is full of activity. We're hanging sheetrock so the classrooms take shape and we've installed fireproofing at the steel beams. The ironworkers are welding the north stair together and the mechanical subcontractor continues to install their support structure at the ceiling for their pipe.

The attic space is also very active. Ductwork is being installed as well as fire sprinkler and radiant panel pipe. We plan to start installing the ceiling grid next week.

Outside we're setting formwork for the south stair entrance and installing metal flashing in the window openings.

November 30, 2010

Week of November 29

It is hard to believe that we're about to start our 6-month of construction. The building is taking shape, particularly at level 1. The light blue rigid insulation (check out the pictures!) has been installed at the concrete walls. The classroom walls have all been framed with metal studs and the electrician is installing the conduit for the light fixtures. We're finalizing the layout for the radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels and the holes have been cut in the steel beams for the ductwork. We plan to fireproof the beams early next week.

We're framing level two walls and cutting holes in the concrete floor slab for the radiant panel pipe penetrations. The Central Hall space is quickly taking shape with the stair installation from level 1 to level 2.

The mechanical subcontractor is installing ductwork and piping in the attic space, filling up most of the space in the trusses. Framing will follow in the next few weeks.

Please come back soon to check out the progress!

November 15, 2010

Week of November 8

We received word last week that the renovated Northup Hall will be called T.J. Day Hall. T.J. Day is a 1971 graduate of Linfield College and a member of the Board of Trustees. We look forward to giving him a tour of the new building upon completion.

We had some rainy weather last week while we finished up the steam line work at the NE corner and started excavation for the south stairs and ramp. We hope for drier weather this week, but know that the forecast is not in our favor. Thankfully, we're dry on the inside.

Level 1 and 2 framing is in full swing and electrical rough is following closely behind. The engineer is reviewing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing coordination drawings and we plan on installing attic ductwork soon.

Attached is time-lapse video showing the erection of the steel beams for the bridge at the Central Hall. Check it out!


October 19, 2010

Week of October 18

We've been blessed with another fantastic Fall week! We couldn't have asked for better weather while we're drying in the building. This week we'll finish up the asphalt shingles at the north elevation and start laying out walls at level 1. We're pre-wrapping the south, west and east elevation windows and doing our final measurements prior to releasing the window order. We'll start work at the south entrance next week so be sure to check out the exterior camera.